Baby oil – it’s one of those beauty items that everyone has, but is rarely put to use past the age of  2 years old. It’s time to take it out from the back of your cabinet, though, because we’ve got 9 new uses for baby oil. Scroll down to get the details!

 1. Removing Earwax

earwax removal new uses baby oil

Step away from the Q-Tips! You’ve heard it from your doctor over and over again, but it’s true – those super efficient little cotton swabs can cause some serious damage if you’re using them for inside of your ear. For a safer alternative, warm up some baby oil (to a comfortable temperature), tilt your ear to the ceiling, and using an eyedropper (also making sure not to put the dropper in your ear canal) squeeze 2-3 drops of oil into your ear. Your hearing will thank you.


2.Removing Eye Makeup

eye make up removal new uses baby oil

Taking off your eye makeup can be a pain – quite literally, as we’ve had a few too many stinging soap-in-eye moments (not pleasant). For a gentle way to clean eyelids, put some baby oil on a cotton pad or soft cloth (cotton balls can shed in your eye, so steer clear) and hold the oil over the eyelid for a moment in order to dissolve the makeup. Wipe the eye in gentle downward strokes until your lids are clean!


3. Cracked & Dry Heels

heels of feet

It’s sandal season, so it’s crucial that your feet are in tip-top (or flip-flop, if you will) shape. If your heels are looking a bit dry, or even cracked, just apply some baby oil to your feet and slip some socks on before bed. You’ll wake up to pedicure perfect feet!


4. Untangling Necklaces

tangled necklaces


Warning: you may be overwhelmed by how amazing this trick is. Yes, those pesky necklace tangles that you thought ruined your precious baubles can really be undone! Just apply a dab of baby oil to the knot in the chain, and wiggle a straight pin or needle through the center of the knot until it becomes loose.


4. Preventing Stretch Marks

stretch marks

Stretch marks are possibly one of the most frustrating and unfortunate skin phenomena, but you can help prevent them by applying baby oil to anywhere they pop up.


5. Preventing Razor Burn

shaving legs

Nothing ruins the great feeling of smooth, freshly shaved legs quite like razor burn. Avoid these pesky red bumps by applying baby oil to legs directly after shaving while still in the shower, then rinsing off the extra oil before drying off.


6. Cuticle Oil


One of the key components to keeping your digits looking great is moisturizing your cuticles. Just rub a small dab of baby oil into your cuticles to keep your mani fresh!

 7. Bug Deterrent

bug spray

The summer months mean more time spent in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, this also means more time with pesky insects. Before slathering on the stinky bug-spray, just reach for the baby oil – it will do the same trick. Just rub it into the areas of skin where you would apply bug spray to keep the pests away!

 8. Grooming Your Brows


Thanks to beauties such as model Cara Delevingne, eyebrows are having a major moment right now. To keep yours looking great, wet your eye brow brush with a bit of baby oil before dipping it in whatever shadow you prefer to fill your brows in with.

9. Lip Exfoliator

exfoliated lips

To really get the job done on chapped lips, baby oil can do wonders. To make a DIY lip exfoliator, take one teaspoon of baby oil and mix it with half a teaspoon of sugar and add a few drops of lemon juice. Rub the mixture on your lips each night before bed for beautiful, soft lips.


Which of these new uses for baby oil is your favorite?

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