There’s a serious epidemic that is affecting millions of men every day: Junkface.

In a hilarious new campaign for its male face wash, beauty company Neutrogena has targeted men who use the same bar of soap to wash their face and erm, their junk. Neutrogena is calling this Junkface and produced a perfect video to help spread the message. “Our mission is to end Junkface once and for all. For all. As in everybody. That’s all of us. Combined and separately. Let’s kick Junkface in the groin. And let’s stop washing our face and junk with the same thing.”


neutrogena stop junk face

Amen to that.

The brand has also created a website that talks all about the epidemic. If you head over to Stop Junkface, you’ll learn all about Junkface 101. You’ll also see Neurogena’s survey of Canadian men, who 72 percent of them, claim to have Junkface. 38 percent of Canadian women would consider not marrying someone because they had the issue.  So if you or someone you know is a victim of Junkface, which the site says you probably are, don’t worry. There is a cure and it’s not hereditary, although “but your dad may have it. His dad probably had it. And his dad definitely had it.”

Head over to to learn more, and be sure to watch the video below to learn all about Junkface. And kudos to you Neutrogena for creating the perfect ad campaign for men. H/T DesignTaxi.

What do you think of Neutrogena’s clever campaign?