I’m a fairly monogamous person; whether it comes to my work, love-life, foods, or products, I usually like to keep things consistent and singular. That being said, when I find a beauty product I like I almost always predictably use it regularly. That’s where NeriumAD comes in- my latest skin protecting obsession. The product was only recently introduced to the market in 2011, but has quickly become the name on everyone’s tongue when it comes to skincare. NeriumAD is the new magic potion when it comes to the chore of anti-aging, which is something it does without question. At 23, anti-aging has never been something that’s even floated across my train of thought…until I tried NeriumAD.

It’s more than just an anti-aging product that deals with fine lines and wrinkles, the cream also fights sun damage, discoloration, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture. I’ve always had good skin and, honestly, didn’t think I’d see any difference. Any minor imperfections that I may have had are simply gone. My pores are smaller, my skin is smoother, and the slight red discoloration I had around my left eye has disappeared. This slightly yellow, earthy smelling cream has changed my mind. There are many reasons the product is attractive besides the fact that it actually works. It’s one of the few creams out there that is completely natural. It contains no parabens, gluten, GMO, sulfates, synthetic colors or fragrance, and is run by a social and environmentally conscious company. The botanical extracts that make up Nerium come from the nerium oleander plant. Nerium’s anti-aging properties were an accidental discovery, resulting from cancer research.

The company itself focuses on the ethical side of business, and both grows the plant naturally and refrains from animal testing. It runs as a pretty pricey investment, with the Age-Defying Treatment coming in at $110 and the Night & Day Combo Pack at $165. They do offer the cream at a discount with their preferred customer option, where buyers are delivered the product every month. The Age-Defying Treatment is $80 and the Night & Day Combo Pack is $120 with sign up. The product can only be bought through one of Nerium’s Independent Brand Partner’s. Interested in more information or thinking about picking the cream up? Check out this link.

Have you tried NeriumAD?

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