Remember how ridiculous #TheDress was? Well, what we have for you today is way, way, way more ludicrous.

Nasty Gal is selling, what we think, is a dress that basically is just sheer fabric covered in a bunch of pom poms. Now, we know what you’re thinking: fashion is fashion! And sure, we agree with that, but for $583 — yes, that’s the price of the dress — we would think it would come with a little more, erm, coverage. Of course, it does come with matching panties and bralette, so perhaps those things are what up the price on the design.


Nasty Gal describes the Mutha Fluffa Feather Dress as “over-the-top in all the right ways.” Sure.

The dress was created by Australian design duo Dyspnea, who describe their ideal costumer as “the lovechild of Rihanna and Noel Fielding, Beyonce and Russell Brand. In short, anyone who doesn’t give a damn what you think.”

Again, that’s all fine and good, but if I’m spending $583 on some fabric and fluffy balls, well, I definitely care what people think.

nasty-gal-dress-feather 1

Dyspnea seem to be a little obsessed with pom poms. Many of their designs feature them, and some of them actually look cute. They also sell way more mainstream items like their Liquid Gown, that’s just completely gorgeous and worth every penny.

The Mutha Fluffa Feather Dress is sold out in extra small, small and extra large. Just let that sink in for a little bit.

Head over to Nasty Gal or Dyspnea to purchase your dress.

Would you buy this Nasty Gal dress?