Everybody knows that no outfit is quite complete without a matching set of freshly lacquered nails! From office casual to dance club crazy, there is a manicure to suit every situation. Need some nail art inspiration? With spring in full fling, there are tons of creative and beautiful nail designs popping up all over the internet. Check out these taken from some of the best nail instagramers around and feed your creativity.

These mermaid nails from Stephstonenails are a cute way to remind yourself that summer is nearly here. The soft hues of the purple, white, and blue polishes are accentuated by the flashy sparkles that cover a singular nail. This may look complex and intricate but there is actually a very simple tutorial right over here.

Feeling a little punk this week? This awesome manicure from chalkboardnails will make you feel like the only pop-punk princess with its deep shades of purple and black contrasted with a bright, glittery silver. The glitter skull on the pinky is the icing on the cake, bringing the whole look into cohesion. Click here to learn how to recreate the same look on your own nails.

This manicure from so_nailicious is simple, cute, and perfect for spring. A simple tutorial is on the website.

Beach season is only a few weeks away and what better way to welcome it in than with a stylish set of summer nails! This cute design from seizethenail does just that with hand drawn decorations of an anchor, an ice cream cone, and a sail boat.

I know so many people who are obsessed with Hello Kitty and they would go mad for this inventive design by strawbrie.

Now that the warm weather has returned, it’s time to break out the pastel nail polishes again. This spring manicure combines several soft hued lacquers into one design, using simple gold gems to bring it all together. Check out selenadee_nails for more simple design ideas.

These nails wouldn’t look out of place whether you wore them to work or to a party. Colorful, simple and elegant, they’re the perfect everyday style. Take a look at some of  Jessicawashick other designs for more nail inspiration.

Okay I know this doesn’t exactly fall under the realm of “everyday nails” but still, tell me how cool this is? And it’s all hand painted! Brittneytokyo creates some crazy and executes them flawlessly.

Nothing symbolizes spring time more than freshly bloomed flowers, whether they are popping up from the soil or dancing across your nails! This super cute design and more can be found on Nailscamera.

These nails from madamluck are beyond fierce. The deep red colour would look stunning with or without the accent flame, though you can’t deny that the fire makes the whole manicure pretty sick.