Dreaming of owning the perfect Fendi bag is one of our favorite pastimes (right after eating and watching “Orange Is The New Black.”). That’s why when we heard about Fendi’s myBaguette app, we just had to share.

The myBaguette app allows you to design your very own Fendi baguette from start to finish. You can select from a number of different colors, textures and shapes to create the funkiest/funniest/chicest baguette ever. The best part is that, after you’ve uploaded it and shared it with the world, the brand’s creative director, Sylvia Venturini Fendi, will pick her favorite and showcase it as “Baguette of the Month.” Pretty cool, huh? Even if you don’t feel like sharing your design (although we totally think you should), feel free to browse other creations — some look completely museum-worthy. Artists Jeff Koons, Nina Pandolfo and Hiroshi Senju have all contributed to the Fendi gallery and it’s pretty inspiring. 

Back in 2012, the brand actually made this process a reality when they created the Fendi Baguette Needlepoint Kit. The kit came with a nude-color baguette, thread, needles and thimbles — everything you needed to embroider any design you wanted. That sold for about $995. They also released a painter’s kit, which would allow you to paint your creation across a Fendi for $1,260. We don’t know about you, but we definitely feel better giving a Fendi bag a makeover when it’s simple to erase and start again on our iPads.

mybaguetteapp fendi bags

Of course, the only problem is, you can’t actually buy what you’ve made, but at least it will keep you busy on your commute.

Head over to the Fendi Baguette website to see more, and be sure to download the app on your iPad or Android tablet.

 Will you download the myBaguette app?