The MTV Movie Awards was quite a show, wasn’t it? We were able to see everything from Mila Kunis’ baby bump to Zac Effron’s rock solid bod. But of course, we were most interested in the fashion! While many well-known fashionistas skipped MTV to attend Coachella, we were still flooded with amazing style last night. Take for example Lupita Nyong’o, who wore a bright and festive Chanel dress paired with turquoise heels. And let’s not forget Jessica Alba. Even though this starlet totally butchered poor Zac’s name, she still killed it in the fashion department. She looked lovely in a lemon Kenzo skirt with a white strapless crop top by Piece D’anarchive. Both of these ladies were completely ready for spring.

Of course not everyone was a style hit. We love Mia Pia Perez — not only can the girl sing, but her edgy style is usually right on-trend. Unfortunately, we’re not sure what happened last night. Her purple silk outfit looked a little too 90s (and not in a good way.) The bottom half seemed as if it still needed a few good hems — a Project Runway disaster if we’ve ever seen one. Plus, her cork shoes and bandanna were just all wrong. These are two accessories we would rather not see on the red carpet.

Luckily there was more good fashion than bad, but that’s just our opinion. Scroll through our slideshow below and you can see all the hits and misses from last night. And don’t forget to head over to MTV’s website to see more from the show. OH, and be sure to check out our ENTIRE slideshow… you’ll thank us for the last photo.

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