A quick Google search for “Liene Podina” won’t yield too many results — yet. That’s because at just 20 years old, this Latvian beauty is still relatively new to the modeling scene. After a few Gints Bude fashion spreads in Cosmopolitan Latvia over the last two years, Podina recently signed with the New York-based agency One Management and is ready to take the fashion world by storm.

Liene Podina

Liene Podina of One Management

Hair: Brown
5’11” / 180 cm
32″ / 81 cm
23″ / 59 cm
34″ / 86 cm

Podina was born in Riga, Latvia and began her modeling career several years ago when she was discovered on Facebook. When Models.com highlighted her as its “Model of the Week,” some commentators noted that Podina isn’t “classically beautiful” but has a unique look that will take her far in a modeling career. While we disagree with the first statement (Come on, now! Piercing blue eyes, dark brown hair, and great bone structure? This girl is gorgeous), we’re totally on board with the prediction that Podina is a perfect fit for the international runway scene.

While coming to New York has afforded the young model the chance to meet Alexander Wang (whose brand is one of her dream modeling gigs), Podina has a soft spot for Latvian designers like Mare Un Rols. An artist and designer at heart, she told Models.com that some of her favorite things are art, product design, drawing and creating.

“[If I weren’t modeling,] I would be a product designer making crazy art and illustrations,” Podina says. “I love to sketch things I see and put them on paper.”

While we have no doubt that Podina would be great as a product designer, we don’t think she’ll have to fall back on that just yet; with her natural beauty and runway-ready body, she’s bound to have a bright future as a model. We love this girl’s outlook on life, too: “I’m obsessed with finding creativity around me, meeting new and inspiring people, learning new things, and finding magic in life.”

Liene Podina of One Management

Liene Podina of One Management

Liene Podina of One Management

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Photos via models.com