With a boyish smile beaming from ear to ear, Christian Johnson is this week’s model to watch. We can’t get enough of his apparent charm. He is signed with FORD Models LA and Heffner Management in Seattle.

Even though he is a very fresh face in the industry, his look has already proven successful. He has a similar facial structure as Francisco Lachowski, a substantially popular male model. On the other hand, Christian has a larger build than Francisco, opening his potential for different types of jobs than a traditional slender type. Print and commercial work will suit his type more than runway. Although still standing at 6’0, his broader frame will make him appear shorter than the rest of the models.

Christian’s work done with Leonardo Corredor has been gaining him exposure across the internet. Leonardo is a fellow model of Chrsitian, as well as a fashion photographer, with mighty good material might we add. The two have produced quite a few looks to build the newbie’s portfolio.

Christian Johnson by Leonardo Corredor

Christian Johnson

Height: 6′ 0″ (182cm)

Waist: 30″ (76.20cm)

Shoes: 8

Suit / Coat: 40″ (101.60cm)

Suit Length: R

Inseam: 30″ (76.20cm)

This image set has Christian’s personality on full blast. The work done by Leonardo has captured the essence of a playful guy – one that we can’t wait to see featured in campaigns and advertisements alike. Many of these images have gone viral on Tumblr. He’s got a fan base in that realm, but if only the 15 year old girls could get him endorsements with top tier brands and labels, that’d be a different story.

Christian Johnson by Leonardo Corredor 2

Christian Johnson by Leonardo Corredor 3

Christian Johnson by Leonardo Corredor 5

Christian Johnson by Leonardo Corredor

Christian Johnson by Leonardo Corredor

Christian Johnson by Leonardo Corredor

Christian Johnson by Leonardo Corredor

As you know, we’re photography geeks here. What can we say, we just love a great image. We’ve now fallen in love with Leonardo Corridor’s work (and yes, you caught us; maybe a slight crush on Christian.) You can keep up with Leonardo’s photography via his Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately Christian doesn’t have a personal social media presence.

Check out these additional images from Christian’s Portfolio from Heffner Management.

If Christian Johnson could be the face of any brand, which brand would you like it to be? Let us know!

Justin Gilbert is a rising senior at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He is studying Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in Studio Art. This course of study stemmed from his love of design, fashion, creativity, and innovative marketing. This summer, Justin hopes to gain valuable insight and experience in the world of editorial fashion. In the future, Justin plans to be a fashion public relations professional while simultaneously growing his blog, The Style Lion, to become a staffed publication and a brand of its own.