Model Lara Stone is back in action and better than ever. The 30-year-old is showing off her incredible post-baby body in Calvin Klein Jeans‘ new campaign.

Stone is channeling a throwback to the brand’s older ads by wearing the baggy jeans with the iconic Calvin Klein briefs showing. In one photo she’s posing topless with the caption #mycalvins going across the image. Stone looks absolutely flawless in every single shot. Let us remind you, that she gave birth in May 2013 to her first child, Alfred.

model lara stone calvin klein campaign

Stone has admitted that she had a difficult time dealing with her pregnancy body — and that it wasn’t necessarily easy fitting back into her Calvins. According to the Daily Mail, she wrote in the forward for the book Clean & Lean Pregnancy Guide:

“Pregnancy is supposed to be the most amazing time in a woman’s life. We’ve all heard stories of the glowing expectant mum, with toned legs and neat bump and the instant and deep connection with her unborn baby. I’m sure those pregnancies exist, but mine certainly wasn’t like that. I was in maternity jeans at nine weeks. I was bloated all over, had limp, greasy hair, no energy and I could eat (and waddle) for England.”

She says through clean eating and exercise she was able to feel good again.

“I feel happier, stronger and more confident. I’m still not in my pre-pregnancy jeans and I’m a few pounds heavier than I was pre-baby, but that’s okay. I’m happier than ever and I love every minute of being a mum. And I no longer feel the jealous need to unfollow friends who post bikini selfies ten days after giving birth looking amazing. Because everything is just how it’s supposed to be.”

She clearly has shed those “pounds” because girl looks amazing, but then again, she always has in our eyes! And it just goes to show you, even the most beautiful women in the world feel self conscious at times.

model lara stone calvin klein

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