Art & Design You’ll Never Believe What This Is Made From

You’ll Never Believe What This Is Made From

Is there anything better in this world than when fashion & food are combined? We think not. And that is why we are LOVING Jessica Siskin, the mastermind behind the company Mister Krisp, who can make pretty much anything out of rice krispie treats: from emojis to puppies. And recently, she has mixed her love for rice krispie treats and for fashion, and we are pretty excited about it. She posts her amazing creations on her Instagram page, and we’re not sure if it’s making us hungry, want to shop, or maybe a little bit of both…

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In an interview with HuffPostStyle, Siskin said that she discovered her ability to create these unique desserts completely by accident. She found herself making little hearts out of rice krispie treats, and then one day she had “an overwhelming impulse to make a Rice Krispies Treat cheeseburger. That was the krisp that started it all.” Siskin even created her own version of some of the best dressed ladies at the 2015 Oscar awards. We loved these dresses in real life, but we’re tempted to say they look even better in rice krispie form…

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And, we’ve saved the most exciting news for last: You can order your own Mister Krisp custom treat through their website. The creations take about two weeks to make, and the prices range depending on the complexity and size of the dessert. After a thorough stalking of her website and Instagram page, I think I’ve finally settled on my favorite rice krispie treat creation. A chic, bright red Chanel handbag. This is probably the closest I’ll get to being able to afford a Chanel purse, so thank you, Mister Krisp.

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What do you think of these Mister Krisp creations?

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