The beauty pageant of all beauty pageants was held on Sunday.

Miss World 2014 took place in London, where 121 Miss World contestants gathered to win one of the most coveted titles in international beauty pageants. While all of the ladies were lovely, there of course, could only be one winner. 22-year-old Rolene Strauss, AKA Miss South Africa, was named Miss World 2014.

Strauss beat out 1st runner up Miss Hungary Edina Kulscar and Miss United States Elizabeth Safrit. The brunette beauty is a medical student studying at University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. She is the first South African to be crowned Miss World in 40 years, and the third to ever hold the title. “South Africa this is for you,” Strauss said. “I think I will brace myself for what’s about to happen. It’s a huge responsibility.” A huge responsibility indeed. Strauss will now travel the world making appearances, visiting charities and spreading all the cheer that Miss World has to offer.

The event itself was spectacular, however there was a heavy feeling in the room. Tears were shed for Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alavarado, who was murdered in November. Alavarado would have been competing in the competition, and was honored by the contest. Honduras did not have a representative during the competition.

Scroll through the photo below to see some great moments of Strauss from last night’s show, and head over to Miss World’s website to read more.

miss world 2014

miss world 2014 south africa

miss world 2014 rolene strauss

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