And now the news you’ve been waiting for all year…

Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez was crowned Miss USA 2014! This 24-year-old made history last night as she became the first woman ever to from the state of Nevada to win Miss USA (she’s also the fourth Latina to ever win the competition.) Not only is she devastatingly beautiful, Nia Sanchez is also a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo, which means she’s pretty bad ass. But her love for the art goes way beyond herself…

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Sanchez  is a strong believer in women learning how to physically defend themselves in any situation. She has even volunteered in women’s shelters for just that reason. “I’ve worked with other women’s shelters, especially with the children there,” she said. “I got out of an unhealthy relationship when I was 21 just before it got abusive. It was aggressive, so I can relate with women on that level. I’ve always worked with children. I’ve taught them Sunday School and martial arts.”

Sanchez beat out 50 other gorgeous women who were competiting during the 63rd Miss USA contest, including runner-up Miss North Dakota Audra Mari. But Sanchez’s busy schedule is far from over. In fact, it’s just beginning. Not only will she attend events around the world, but she will also represent  the United States at the Miss Universe competition later this year. So you’ll definitely be seeing more of this brown-eyed beauty a lot more.

Scroll through our photos below to see some of the other gorgeous contestants from the Miss USA 2014 competition.


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