Miranda Kerr topless? Yes, it’s true!

The gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model has been on vacation this past week, and decided to post a topless photo of herself in honor of the 4th of July. Well, that’s one way to say God Bless America. The 31-year-old looks incredibly sexy and beautiful as she stares at the camera, covering her lady parts with her arms as she sits in what looks like the most serene ocean we’ve ever seen. We’re just dying to know who the lucky person was who shot this sultry photo.

Just days earlier, Kerr also revealed on Instagram that she is shooting another campaign for Swarovski jewelry — proving once again that she is absolutely on fire.

It should come as no surprise that Miranda Kerr topless or not, shares many details of her life via social media. Back in May, the model revealed to Lucky Magazine that Instagram is the platform that got her interested in using social media in the first place. “I’m a visual person, and it’s a way that you can see life through other people’s eyes. It’s quite fascinating to see a different perspective,” she said. 

And with over four million followers, anything that Kerr tags or shares just blows up instantly. Ah, the power that comes with being beautiful, sexy, funny and social media savvy. Now we’re just wondering if Instagram will block the photo… Head over to Kerr’s Instagram to see more incredible photos, including an adorable one of her and her son, Flynn!

What do you think of Miranda Kerr topless?