It really seems like there isn’t anything Miranda Kerr can’t do.

The Victoria’s Secret model posted a photo to her Instagram account on Wednesday revealing a very unusual career move. She now makes tea cups — yes, tea cups!

According to porcelain manufacturer Royal Albert’s Facebook page, the collection was inspired by Kerr’s love for nature and her garden. This is evident in the pretty pastel butterflies and peonies that are on the cups and plates. “Working with Royal Albert has been a great experience and privilege,” Kerr said. “I’ve loved every stage of this project, especially the fine details.”

A set of four cups will cost you $200, but the first 50 people to do so  on Friday will get to have a tea party with Miranda. If we could somehow make it to Australia, we would definitely be dropping some dough, because the design really is beautiful and well, it’s Miranda Kerr. Who by the way, looks incredible in the promotional shots for her collection. We’ve never seen her skin look more flawless or her blue eyes pop as much as when she’s sipping a cup of tea!

We’re totally not sure how Kerr was able to pull off this venture. She’s been on countless magazine covers recently and has been supposedly singing her heart out. All of this just makes us wonder: does she ever sleep?  Head over to Royal Albert’s website for more information.