There are countless reasons why we love Mindy Kaling. She’s hilarious, she dresses really well and she seems like she would totally be down to watch “Love Actually” in the summer.

So when we read her “20 Questions” column for Marie Claire’s May 2014 issue, we had to share some of our favorite details about the fashionista. We obviously wanted to know how she keeps her skin looking so flawless. Luckily, Mindy Kaling’s beauty secret has been revealed.. “I still break out (thanks, genetics), so I use this cool blue-light device called the Tria,” Kaling said. Now, Tria’s acne clearing kit is a bit on the expensive side (over $300), but if Mindy likes it, it’s probably worth the money.

Kaling also revealed that she’s rocking Nicholas Kirkwood pumps at night and Adidas sneakers during the day. Proving further more that she really is an amazing person. Most celebrities are rocking heels morning, noon and night, but not Kaling, she knows what’s up.

But if you needed a little more than that, we leave you with the fact that she has Mike’s Hard Lemonade on her liquor shelf and loves the Walking Dead. “I have a big crush on Rick, the ragged/rugged sheriff.”

To read more about Mindy Kaling, head over to Marie Claire. And don’t forget to pick up your copy of the May issue, on sale April 22nd.

We want to know: What are some of your beauty secrets?