We pretend not to care anymore, but we kind of do still, right?

In the ongoing and seemingly never-ending outpouring of news that comes from Miley Cyrus’ corner of the Earth, we’ve just discovered that this once-wholesome, now-twerking pop star has gone rogue, eyebrow-style.

She tried them out for size Tuesday night when she hit the town in downtown L.A. with Miranda Kerr and Lily Allen. She took a photo with Kerr, who’s been better — she’s still divorcing from Orlando Bloom (How?? She has eyes, right?), and Mango announced that they would be replacing her as the face of their brand with Ukrainian-Canadian model Daria Werbowy. And then Kerr hung out with Miley Cyrus, who bleached her eyebrows. Let’s get back to those.

Miley Cyrus bleached eyebrows Miranda KerrMiley Cyrus and model Miranda Kerr, posted on Kerr’s Instagram.

Lily Allen hung out with her, too.

Miley Cyrus bleached eyebrows Lily AllenMiley Cyrus and singer Lily Allen, posted on Allen’s Instagram.

So did this man.

Miley Cyrus bleached eyebrows Mert AlasMiley Cyrus and photographer Mert Alas, posted on Cyrus’ Instagram.

One thing’s for certain: She can’t get enough of her own tongue. And she doesn’t really give a damn what you or I think about that. Nor does she care about what people think of her ultra-cropped hair, which is probably for the best (Check out Haute Talk‘s open letter response to TotalFratMove’s article, “Why Girls Should Not Cut Their Hair Short”).

So do we actually care about her bleached eyebrows? Jury’s still out, but you’re probably planning on researching some more photos of her brows, so that’s got to be worth something. Is she trying to be the new Lady Gaga (whose brows went platinum this past summer)? There’s a mild-to-medium possibility. So there’s that. 

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(All images via HuffPost)