mileyop Miley Cyrus is clearly a little over-tired. After all, she is planning three weddings. But it’s really no excuse for the sort of blatant confusion that hit Cyrus’ Twitter account Sunday night. Ahem:

Miley Cyrus Hair Tweet

Which leaves us in a position to draw only one of two conclusions. 1) Miley does not have access to a mirror/lighting. 2) Miley Does Not Know Colors. Because as Miley is seemingly compelled to wear nothing but crop tops, we are compelled to note that that is definitely not platinum. What other hilarity may ensue from M-Cy’s inability to perceive basic differences in hue? Will she show up at one of her three nuptials wearing camel (presumably a camel crop top/maxi skirt combo)?

But we digress. As Samuel Beckett once put it, “Our vulgar perception is not concerned with other than vulgar phenomena.”

You know.