Milan’s Fashion Week kicked off Wednesday, February 19th, and it certainly did not disappoint. From Spongebob sweaters to 60’s style furry jackets, the fashion world was treated to clothes that ranged from stunning to ridiculous. But anything goes in fashion…or so they say. Let’s see who has made the biggest splash.


Gucci 1

(Photo Via Fashionista)

Gucci’s show kicked off at 3 p.m on Day One of the Fashion Week and it was a lot less scandalous than many expected. Devoid of the provocative and overtly sexiness of collections from previous seasons, the models instead strutted down the runway in more conservative attire. Pea coats, jeans, and furry jackets constituted the bulk of the designer Gucci’s collection. A 60’s theme was evident from the beginning; just look at the big glasses the models are rocking! Even so, it seems that Gucci went with a more casual look for this season’s collection.


Moschino Milan Fashion Week

(Photo Via Telegraph)

This was, hands down, my favorite collection ever. Just look at that Spongebob sweater! Mochino’s debut collection by Jeremy Scott made quite the impression as he sent models down the runway in everything from a microwavable popcorn dress to Mcdonald’s inspired skirt suit. A drop of immaturity and good humor in the sophisticated world of fashion, the pop culture and fast food inspired garbs elicited gasps and giggles from all those who watched. Absurd, hilarious, and oh-so modern, Scott’s collection may not have appealed to everyone but I guarantee it’s one that no one’s going to forget.


Fendi Milan 2014

(Photo Via Telegraph)

Fendi’s collection was as strange as ever but that’s what made it so appealing. For God’s sake, they even brought in drones! Yes, you read that right. The drones were brought in so that those who watched the show from their homes could have a full 360 degree view of all the clothes. Crazy? Yes. Unexpected? Eh, it’s Fendi…so not really. The collection itself featured a large amount of tweed, leather bombers, long skirts, and, of course, furs. While not everybody was mad over the shin length skirts (come on, they’re very frumpy), Fendi somehow managed to make them work. The collection was certainly striking in more ways than one.

What was your favorite part of Milan Fashion Week?