Being a girl on the go can be difficult when your phone always seems to be dying. Between social media, texting, calling and looking up directions to that new bar for happy hour, it seems like your phone battery is gone faster than those Manolos at a sample sale. However, thanks to the super heroes over at the Mighty Purse: your life is about to change. 

the mighty purse phone charging handbag

The chic leather clutch is exactly what any girl on the go needs. Coming in a variety of colors and costing around $100, this cute handbag allows you to charge your phone. The discrete cord is compatible with most smart phones coming with a mini USB cord, and iPhone adapters. Yep, that’s right, adapters for both the 5 and older iPhone models are included with the handbag. The bag itself is also rechargeable, so you should never be without a power up.

Another great perk about the Mighty Purse is that it is slim enough to fit inside a bigger bag without taking up too much space. So it will fit in your laptop bag or your carry on for work or travel. And it will hold all the essentials you need for a night out.

This bag is similar to the Everpurse which launched last year via Kickstarter. However, the Everpurse is not compatible with both Android and Apple phones. It also needs a charging mat to charge the purse, instead of being charged via your computer’s USB port like the Mighty Purse is. Both will set you back more than $100, but always having a charged phone is priceless, and will pay for itself.

the mighty purse handbag butler cellphone charging handbag

Currently the Mighty Purse is sold out on its website, however you can find it through other retailers or sign up for the waiting list.

Thank goodness the holidays are coming up, right?

Which color Mighty Purse would you rock?

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