For those of you who are still mourning Gossip Girl’s untimely demise, we come bearing good—albeit slightly strange—news via the good folks at Vulture. The recently concluded, fabulously turned-out teen soap will soon get a second wind with a Mexican version, the similarly titled Gossip Girl Acapulco. In the new series the characters will see some changes (Blair Waldorf in JEANS?), mainly in the name department. Here’s a guide to their new names so you don’t get mixed up.

In the image above, back row left to right, are Vanessa (now Vanessa Garcia), Serena (now Sofia Lopez-Haro), Jenny (now Jenny Parra) and Blair (now Barbara Fuenmayor, and we’ll say it again: jeans??). For the boys from left to right, Dan (now Daniel Parra), Nate (now Nico de la Vega!) and the inimitable Chuck (heretofore known as Max Zaga).

We’ve included a trailer below. If any of you speak fluent Spanish and want to fill us in when the show premieres in July, we’d be much obliged. Hola, Upper East Siders…