Culture Costume Institute To Be Renamed the Anna Wintour Costume Center

Costume Institute To Be Renamed the Anna Wintour Costume Center


As if Anna Wintour‘s name isn’t already going down in history as one of the most powerful forces in the fashion industry, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has decided to write it in stone, so to speak. The Met will be renaming the Costume Institute to the Anna Wintour Costume Center.

According to the department heads at the Met, this name change is well-deserved; the institute has received around $125 million from the Vogue editor’s fundraising efforts in her 14 years as a Met trustee, and she also helped raise the center’s renovation costs, another $40 million. Wintour has co-chaired 15 benefits for the institute, and her appearance has been highly anticipated at Met Gala events for years.

“Anna Wintour’s extraordinary advocacy and fundraising have made this state-of-the-art space a reality,” said Museum Chairman Daniel Brodsky in a press release. “She has the rare ability to rally diverse groups across a wide range of industries to support The Costume Institute so it can educate and inspire visitors from around the world.”

The costume center was last renovated in 1992, so a proper revamping has been a long time coming, and it only makes sense that Wintour will be at the helm of it all, says Met CEO Thomas Campbell. “Through her bold leadership at the helm of the annual Costume Institute Benefit plus other significant fundraising, Anna has helped us realize a place where The Costume Institute can move into the future with the latest technology for creating immersive, cutting-edge exhibitions, developing new techniques for object conservation, and designing a customized collection storage facility,” said Mr. Campbell. “Her interest in our mission has allowed us to rise to new levels of growth and prominence. She is an exceptional benefactor, advocate, and friend.”

The name change will officially take place when the costume center reopens on May 8 with the inaugural exhibition Charles James: Beyond Fashion. The new center dedicated to Anna Wintour, who was also made Condé Nast’s artistic director last year, will house the department’s exhibition galleries, a conservation lab, a library, research areas, and offices.

How will the name change affect the costume center?

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