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At the recent MCM handbag preview near the Meatpacking District, there was something for everyone from the classic New York middle management type who just wants a high quality black leather bag to carry both her work and personal items together in one place to the over the top fashionista who loves a mad mix of leather, ostrich, patent and studs.  There are splashes of metallic (including an insanely luxurious copper croc) and red pebbled leather in the fall collection.  [article and all photos by Anne M. Raso]

mcm fall preview 3

The range of styles was all over the place and the old-school customer who loves the tan and cocoa brownMCM logo print in traditional doctor’s bag and tote styles was not forgotten. The line has plenty of “urban chic” man bags, luxurious duffels with pockets inside for everything and anything including keys and smart phones and even overnight bags that say that the owner has arrived in more ways than one. There is even wheeled luggage in the collection and for those not quite ready to invest in an MCM bag, there are plenty of unique key rings that many people use as adornment on other bags. They feature anchors and other shapes MCM has popularized.

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MCM bags are not cheap (most are in the $500 to $1,000 range) but offer true value in the longevity of their leather.  As much thought goes into creating new styles for new generations of buyers as does to “will the straps last”? You might have noticed (especially on satchels on shoulder bags) that the leather is harder than on the rest of the bag—this actually makes it wear longer. MCM leather seems to be almost stain resistant as well. Other high end designers using lamb leather just leave it soft. I have not consulted with MCM authorities on how their leather is treated, but any unwanted spots seem to come up with a little dish soap and water and the wet spot dries rather fast. All of this accounts for why MCM bags are passed down through generations.

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You might have noticed that the MCM Summer 2013 styles have touches of neon and studs. The neon appears to be gone for Fall, but the studs have remained in the collections. There are some stunning square and rectangular bags with metal chain detailing. So if you are rock ‘n’ roll chick or just a practical minded purse buyer, check out the latest MCM offerings at

Anne M. Raso is an entertainment/fashion/travel/beauty journalist living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In the past, she has been a NY Daily News, music columnist, Tiger Beat associate editor, and has written several books on teen celebs. She is a die-hard New Yorker and loves both high-end and bargain fashion finds--and covering New York events.