UPDATE: According to Lucky Magazine, the couple is in fact married. AHHHH.

When we first found out that designer Mary-Kate Olsen was engaged to French banker Olivier Sarkozy, we were like, “wow he is so much older than her.” Once we got past that, we were like “we’re so happy for MK.” We started to daydream about wedding dresses, venues, guest list, and everyday we wait to see if the big day has arrived. And today, it looks like it just may have.

According to the Daily Mail, Olsen and Sarkozy were seen cozying up on a bench in the Hamptons. While they were literally eating from each other’s hands we could see that Olsen’s $81,000 vintage Cartier engagement ring was replaced by a delicate gold band. Sarkozy was sporting an identical ring on this left hand as well. And so the plot thickens.

mary kate olsen married

GIF by Us Weekly.

The Olsen twins are very private people, so it wouldn’t surprise us one bit if Mary-Kate and Olivieri snuck off to the Hamptons last weekend and had themselves, what we can only imagine was, a beautiful wedding. But naturally, we REALLY want to know the details. Obviously Ashley Olsen and Elizabeth Olsen were bridesmaids — that’s a given. But what kind of venue was it? Perhaps on the beach, because after all, it is the Hamptons. And the most important question of all: what kind of wedding dress did she wear? We remember when she and her sister designed a gown for their good friend, so naturally we’re wondering whether Olsen wore a dress by The Row, or a different designer.

But before we jump the gun, we guess it would be best to find out if this rumor is even true! What do you think?

 Do you think Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy got married?