In case you haven’t heard, there is a massive scandal going on with quite a few Hollywood starlets. A leak of nude photos from celebrities due to a supposed iCloud hacking has been reported. One of the names (amongst Jennifer Lawrence and Hillary Duff) on the hacker’s list is designer Mary-Kate Olsen.

Many stars have spoken out about the hack and have acknowledged that the photos are of them. However, the 27-year-old has denied that photos are of her. Martin Singer, Olsen’s lawyer, spoke to BuzzFeed and said she in fact has not been hacked, and the designer “does not have any nude photos on her computer.” Let’s hope that’s true, because Olympia McKayla Maroney also had denied the photos were of her, but her lawyers did later confirm that they are.

mary kate olsen nude photos

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There are plenty of models also on the list including Kate Upton, Cara Delevingne, Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton and Emily Ratajkowski. Upton’s lawyer said that his client will seek legal action against the hacker. “This is obviously an outrageous violation of our client Kate Upton’s privacy,” said Upton’s lawyer Lawrence Shire in an email to BuzzFeed. “We intend to pursue anyone disseminating or duplicating these illegally obtained images to the fullest extent possible.”

While it seems that iCloud played a big role in all over this, Apple has said that there wasn’t any breach of their systems. “None of the cases we have investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud or Find my iPhone. We are continuing to work with law enforcement to help identify the criminals involved.”

Yikes. For the record, we have not tried to look at the photos, nor do we recommend anyone to do so!

Head over to BuzzFeed for more information.

What do you think of these leaked photos?

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