Normally our Photoshoot of the Day posts consist of at least three pictures, but this one of high fashion’s favorite twins was too stunning to pass up. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have recently teamed up with clothing brand Elizabeth and James to created Nirvana, a fragrance for what they call the “modern woman”.

Ashley explains to Harper’s Bazaar, “Mary-Kate and I created this fragrance for the modern woman. She wants it all- independence, career, love, and, most importantly, the option to choose. We’re not telling her what to wear or how to wear it. We’re offering a palette for her to explore and make her own.”

The two describe that the fragrance is offered in two different forms, Nirvana White and Nirvana Black. They fragrances are meant to be worn as layers or independently of one another. Notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and violet comprise Nirvana White and peony, muguet, and musk for Nirvana Black. Mary Kate told Harper’s Bazaar, “Fragrance is incredibly personal, which led us down the path of exploring a modern, intimate moment and what it means today. For us, that moment is about sensuality. We chose notes that reflect those feelings for us.”

The twins also star in the ad for the fragrance, both appearing windswept, youthful, and absolutely gorgeous. The pair are styled in black, boho chic dresses with some modern, leather boots. Sticking with the theme and their personal style, their fingers are adorned with large, boho rings. The contouring is so abrupt on their faces that they have a stark beauty that demands attention.
We love this collab!

Will you check out the Olsen Twin’s new fragrances?

Photos via HarpersBazaar.com.