Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen might not be the spotlight very often, but it doesn’t meant these designers aren’t busy.

Over the past couple of months, the two have launched a perfume at Sephora, continue to design for multiple brands, and even created an affordable jewelry line with StyleMint. And of course, each endeavor they pursue has been successful, but getting to the point where they were being taken seriously, well, that wasn’t as easy. “People were asking us all sorts of questions in the beginning,” Mary-Kate told ELLE.  “It went beyond skeptical — you just have to put on blinders and do your work,” Ashley chimed in.

Those blinders have allowed the Olsens to create a label that is truly unique. “The Row” which sells high-end pieces ranging from $1,000 to $35,000, is officially 10 years old. Let us remind you, the Olsens are a mere 28 years old. So, blinders excluded, how were these young designers able to make such an incredible brand with longevity? Precision. “Every move that we’ve made through the past 10 years has been step-by-step,” said Ashley. Adds Mary-Kate, “One item at a time. We sit and look at everything in every possible version of how you might wear it. We are all about making our clothes work with reality.”


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched their first store “The Row” in California earlier this year. The 3,800-square-foot store caters to their clients, with expensive furniture, a swimming pool and courtyard. The Olsens say that the store has been an great eye-opener into the world of their customers. “What’s been the most telling about the business is our store in L.A.,” Ashley said. “Many of the women are international clients who come to L.A. only to shop, so we like to play with different materials. Our client is very understated, but she’s happy to spend the money.” Mary-Kate continues, “we design into that information. We’re excited to see what sells.”

And we’re excited to see what’s next for these two. Head over to ELLE to read the full interview.

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