Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are gorgeous. They have beautiful green eyes, killer eyebrows and amazing skin. So, naturally we (and the rest of world) consider them beauty icons. But the designers, who just opened their first store, spoke with the beauty website, Byrdie, about how they don’t exactly see it the same way we do. “I definitely don’t think Ashley and I think of ourselves as beauty icons,” Mary-Kate said. “But you know, our mother is very down-to-earth, and such a chic woman. It really starts on the inside and I think that’s translated into us as well. I think that’s where the beauty comes from, it’s sort of inside out.”

The Olsens also credit their parents, along with legendary actress and model Lauren Hutton, as style and beauty inspiration. ““It’s just everything that she represents as a woman. It’s her beauty, inside and out. She’s an incredible woman who’s lived an amazing life and I think it really shows in her spirit, and the way in which she presents herself,” Ashley said.


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As Byrdie pointed out, the fact that the girls prefer minimal makeup means that they have to take extra good care of their skin. According to the article, they both use Biologique products, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a little help. “We have people who help us execute exactly the look we want,” Ashley said. “If I could do it myself I would, but that’s why you work with amazing people, to collaborate and get to the best end result.”  

Amen to that. Head over to Byrdie for the full interview!