It’s Friday the 13th, which is kind of scary, but it’s also kinda of awesome because it’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s birthday!

Today the girls, or should we say women, turn 28 years old. And we have to say this past year has been a particularly great one for them. Not only did they launch their first ever store for their clothing line The Row, they also won a CFDA Award, launched two new fragrances and Mary-Kate got engaged (their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen got engaged as well). Oh, there’s also that little thing of them being multi-millionaires. Not bad for starting their careers on a little show called “Full House,” huh?

Yep, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have definitely proved themselves in the world of beauty and fashion. The trends they’ve set will go down in history and it’s only just beginning for them. To celebrate their birthday, we’ve rounded up 28 of the very best Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen magazine covers, starting from when they were just teenagers. Scroll through, and join us as we wish the Olsen Twins a very happy (and stylish) birthday!

Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine 2001

marykate and ashley olsen magazine 2001

Night & Day 2002

marykate and ashley olsen night and day 2002

Rolling Stone 2003

marykate and ashley olsen rolling stone cover 2003

Vanity Fair 2003

ashley olsen mary kate vanity fair 2003

Your Magazine 2003

marykate ashley olsen ym 2003

Allure 2004

mary-kate and ashley olsen allure 2004

Cosmo Girl 2004

marykate and ashley olsen cosmo girl 2004

Harper’s Bazaar 2005

ashley olsen harpers bazaar 2005

W Magazine 2006

marykate olsen w magazine 2006

Nylon 2006

ashley olsen nylon 2006

Harper’s Bazaar Australia 2006

mary kate olsen harpers bazaar australia 2006

Harper’s Bazaar 2007

marykate olsen harpers bazaar 2007

ELLE Belgie 2008

marykate olsen elle belgie 2008

Hamptons Magazine 2009

ashley olsen hamptons magazine 2009

Fashion 2009

mary kate olsen fashion cover 2009

Marie Claire 2009

ashley olsen marie claire cover 2009

Cosmopolitan Norway 2010

ashley olsen cosmo norway 2010

Marie Claire Turkey 2010

mk olsen marie claire tukey 2010

Marie Claire Netherlands 2010

marykate olsen marie claire 2010

Newsweek 2011

marykate and ashley olsen newsweek 2011

Vogue 2011

mary-kate and ashley olsen vogue 2011

ELLE UK 2012

ashley olsen elle uk 2012

ELLE 2012marykate elle uk cover 2012

ELLE Indonesia 2012

ashley olsen elle indonesia 2012

Allure 2013

marykate olsen allue cover 2013

Allure 2013

ashley olsen allure cover 2013

The Edit 2013

marykate and ashley olsen the edit 2013

TV Guide 1990 

We just had to do it.

marykate ashley olsen tv guide 1990

Which is your favorite of these 28 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen magazine covers?