If you remember, just a few months ago, journalist Esther Honing asked graphic designers in countries all of the world to make her “beautiful.” We were able to see different standards of beauty from over 40 countries, and the images were incredible.

Now, plus-size blogger Marie Southard Ospina set out to do the same thing. “I was so fascinated by these women’s work that I became increasingly curious as to how editors would treat a photo of me if asked to edit it,”  Ospina wrote in a blog for Bustle. “What with my chubby cheeks, double chin, thick shoulders and chest and rounder, fuller face. What would they do with these traits? Would they all slim me down in the aid of ‘making me look beautiful’? Would they fiddle with my messy hair? How would they see me, as a plus-size woman, and how would they ‘fix’ me?”

The results were very surprising for Ospina. She expected there to be many images of herself looking thinner and less curvy, but that was only visible in photos from Ukraine, Mexico and Latvia.

There were other photos that airbrushed the blogger quite a bit, removed her mole, or added clothes, but overall, Ospina felt very positive about her experiment. “Maybe this is a sign that things are changing for the better. Or maybe it’s a sign that I got predominantly friendly, natural-beauty-favoring photographers. Ultimately, there was far less body snark and unspoken body shaming through these photo edits than I first assumed there would be,” she wrote.

Scroll down to see photos from her experiment, and be sure to head over to Bustle to read more.


Marie Southard Ospina


Marie Southard Ospina

MexicoMarie Southard Ospina

LatviaMarie Southard Ospina

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