Apparently not everyone is uncomfortable working with Terry Richardson.

Legendary singer Mariah Carey covers the summer issue of Wonderland Magazine wearing well, not much. According to Wonderland, Carey is wearing a black bra, panties and suspender set by Agent Provocateur, a black silk jacket by Roberto Cavalli and leather gloves and pearls, which are surprisingly Carey’s own accessories. Carey look gorgeous on the cover with eye-popping cleavage, blonde hair and a killer body. What was she doing all covered up on Easter?

The editorial was shot by none other than infamous photographer Terry Richardson. To be honest, it really looks like it was shot by him, it has all the requirements: a gorgeous girl, half-naked with alcohol. We kid, we kid (kinda).

This is Mariah Carey’s fourth cover for the month of May. She’s also featured on Pride, a United Kingdom magazine, as well as The Observer and Billboard magazine. All of this hype is for her upcoming album, which will be her 14th — can you believe it?

We have to give Mariah props for her good looks. She’s 45 years old with two kids and is still managing to make jaws drop with her sex appeal. And as for Richardson, we’re happy to hear that the little Facebook scandal turned out to be a hoax, or so at least that’s what we’re hearing.

Head over to Wonderland Magazine to see more, and be sure to pick up your issue on stands this Friday.