We were looking for the perfect tutorial to help you get a festive holiday beauty look that’s simple and easy to do. While researching for a great video, we were stopped dead in our tracks when we came across an incredible makeup transformation.

London makeup artist Maria Malone-Guerbaa is so talented, she was able to turn her face into an incredible life-like reindeer! Just take a look:

Amazing, right? According to the Daily Mail, it took Malone-Guerbaa over two hours to create the look. Malone-Guerbaa says she doesn’t use any prosthetics, just her brushes and kryolan paints. “Everyone always does Santa Claus or elves and I just wanted to do something different,” the 40-year-old said. “Reindeer are such beautiful creatures and I wanted to see if I could become one with the power of makeup illusion.”

If the reindeer look wasn’t enough, while we were browsing Malone-Guerbaa’s Instagram, we came across evne more amazing makeup transformations from this artist. She has turned herself into the Grinch, a seal, and even Jack Nicholson from “The Shining.”

Malone-Guerbaa’s skills are so insane that she should be working in Hollywood in the special effects section. So why isn’t she? Primarily because of her children. “I don’t feel comfortable about leaving them for months — which is how long it would be if I was working on a film,” she said. “I would love to work in England or London, which is why I tried the West End shows. I thought I could do something while I’m still near home.”

Scroll down to see more photos below, and be sure to head over to the Daily Mail for more.

Maria Malone-Guerbaa Maria Malone-Guerbaa Maria Malone-Guerbaa

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