World renowned fashion designer from multiple projects, (Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Luis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs Beauty) Marc Jacobs himself sat down with Paper Magazine to shed some light on his personal life and career.

Since the early 90s, Marc Jacobs has been dominating the fashion world and influenced the industry overnight. Back in 1993, he was awarded the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year title and was even elected to be Louis Vuitton’s creative director of the brand for nearly 16 years. After his Spring 2014 show in Paris, Jacobs said a very public farewell to the French fashion house in order to focus on his own label.  And although this might be a rather sensitive subject, the glossy didn’t waste anytime discussing this topic.

Jacobs was replaced by Nicolas Ghesquiere, and although he struggled with leaving Louis Vuitton, he thinks it was the right decision. “I had a hard time looking at it at first. I think I got pretty down and depressed, but I love what Nicolas does. I really admire him and I have really great respect for him. I think they wanted a change, and I think the change they made is really good. It would be worse if somebody was doing a similar thing to me. But Nicolas does his thing, and I think it looks good and I get it. So I don’t have any problem with it.”

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Jacobs then opened up about his relationship status and his personal experience from being on Grindr (the mobile dating app). “I don’t have any hang-ups about those kinds of things. I don’t really care. Who’s kidding who? I’ve talked about having hair transplants, I’ve talked about my drug problems, I’ve talked about my drinking problems, I’ve talked about sex. I just think it’s so much better to sort of be honest about those things. I always find it very dubious and I don’t really trust people who deny human instincts.”

We must admit, our favorite thing about Marc Jacobs (besides his ability to create amazing handbags) is his personable character. Just when you thought you he couldn’t give anymore f*cksm  he shocks us by admitting he has been on a dating app for some pure enjoyment. He is forever one of our favorite designers and look forward to see his next collection hit the shelves this coming season.

To read the whole interview, head over to Paper Magazine.

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