Has Marc Jacob become completely fashion “clueless’? As if! However, we do see some gleaming similarities between the 1990s classic girl movie and the Fall 2012 collection by the iconic designer. Avant-garde doesn’t even begin to describe the eclectic collection that looks like it may of been pulled from the Mad Hatter pages of Alice in Wonderland.  The head-wear here is not so “ready to wear” as one of the tiger printed hats even looks like it came from a Halloween costume of a  “pimp”.  Typically, I’m all about Marc Jacobs, but this is a bit much for a ready-to-wear collection for our liking. We can’t even see the models underneath the countless layers and Dionne Davenport inspired furry hats. We love all of the layering and accents of fur shown throughout the runways for Fall 2012, but Marc Jacobs has us stumped here!  Even the shoes are a whimsical derivative of  cobbler shoes you would see donned on a Disney character.

It really pains us to have anything less than amorous things to say about Marc Jacobs, as we know there is at least one fashionista out there both daring and confident enough to pull off these Fall 2012 looks. Wishing we could find a way to pull off any of these looks ourselves, wherever you are dwelling sister, we salute you!







Photos: Style.com