MANICURE MUSE Prabal Gurung Resort ‘13


One might look at Prabal Gurung’s Resort ‘13 collation and wonder how, aside from the eye-catching electric aqua and tomato red colors, it might translate into nail art. As one of my all-time favorite shows of the Resort season, I was determined to take on the challenge. Because the collection was inspired by Canadian sculptor Aaron Moran’s wood-blocking sculptures, I could easily capture the iconic bold striking lines and sharp tailoring. This dress in particular sums up the youthful vibe of this bold collection with the mixing of graphic elements with a hint of floral.

To emulate this look, I used Brilliant White by CND, Chiffon Chic and Onyx Rush by Maybelline’s Color Show, Dove by Zoya, Too Too Hot by Essie, a paper plate and a paper towel.

To get these ladyfingers:

1. Start with a full white nail

2. Drop a dollop of light pink polish onto your paper plate

3. Dab your paper towel in the polish and blot it to make sure you have just a subtle amount

4. Dab the polish lightly on your nail

5. Repeat steps 3/4 using light gray polish

6. Once dry, paint a red line along the left side of your nail

7. Paint a white line along the right side

8. Using a nail art pen as a guide, draw lines indicating the inside boxes for your black

9. Use a nail art brush to fill in the black boxes

Article by: Taryn Multack via Miss Ladyfinger