“You can’t have the Mango!”

A famous line from Chris Kattan‘s SNL character Mango. Unfortunately when Kattan left the show, so did our favorite fashionisto… until now.  Designer Alexander Wang has teamed up with Chris Kattan to bring the character back to life for his T by Alexander Wang Collection. Style.com debuted a 27 second clip of what’s to come and it’s absolutely incredible. You can barely see him, but Mango is still rocking his pink hat and top.

When asked about this unusual collaboration, Wang told Style.com that it’s about putting the fun back in fashion.  “I’ve always loved Mango’s character from SNL, and to be able to work with [Kattan] was such an honor,” Wang told Style.com. “Sometimes when fashion becomes too stiff, it’s great to have someone such as Mango come through and inject a new burst of energy. Having fun and a sense of humor is so important to me that when I’m able to incorporate it into my work, I run with it.” 

You’ve got to love a designer with a sense of humor, and to bring back such a classic character, it definitely ups Wang’s credibility in our books. The full sketch featuring Mango will launch on June 3rd and we’re pretty much overly excited to see it. The best part might be the fact that we’ll be able to watch it with people who have no idea who Alexander Wang is, simply because they were huge SNL fans during the late 90s-early 2000s.

Watch the clip below, and be sure to head over to Style.com for more information.

And in case you forgot who Mango was…