One thing we love about the Kardashians is the fact that they aren’t embarrassed to admit their imperfections. They have no problem going on national television and getting a “Vampire Facial” or treatment to remove cellulite. They also have no problem sharing their beauty secrets — even the not-so-glamorous ones.

Case in point? Khloe Kardashian revealed to Into The Gloss the very unusual products she uses to keep her skin looking on point. Kardashian admitted that she uses pregnancy products. Yes, you read that correctly. The 30-year-old, who by the way, looks like she has flawless skin, uses creams from Mama Mio, a brand known for their pregnancy skincare.

kourtney kardashian mama mio

Her sister Kourtney got her into the Shrink to Fit Cellulite Smoother and Pregnancy Boob Tube, the latter helps prevent stretch marks and tightens skin. “I’ve been using it everyday for a year. Now people always ask me, ‘Why do you have this?’ hinting as if I’m trying to have a baby, and I’m like, ‘No, no. It’s just because I fuckin’ like it’,” Kardashian said.

The Shrink to Fit Cellulite is currently sold out on BirchBox, but we went straight to Mama Mio’s website and were able to snag it for $56. According to the reviews, it works like a charm.  The Pregnancy Boob Tube will set you back $45, but again, the reviews are pretty great.

We’ll do our own review once we receive our Shrink to Fit Cellulite — excited!

Head over to Into The Gloss to read more about Khloe Kardashian’s beauty secrets!

Have you ever used Mama Mio products?