While shopping in Sephora for hours — literally hours — on end is fun, it really takes a toll on your wallet. You might be heading in just to grab the “great eyeliner that your best friend swears by,” but let’s face it, 2 hours and $100 later, you’ll be walking out with three other things.

You’ll likely reason your spending by saying that it’s the only thing of its kind, it lasts longer, it does a better job, etc. While I hate to burst your makeup bubble, the truth is, these expensive products aren’t always better. In fact, a lot of them are just a waste of money in the end. Many of those drugstore products that you’re hesitant to use can produce the same result for a whole lot cheaper.

Love the deep color of MAC’s discontinued ‘Sin’ lipstick, but don’t want to pay over $50 for a color you’ll wear only on occasion? Try ‘Cherry Bomb’ from Wet ‘n Wild for only $4. Tried and true, this lip color stays all night and won’t bleed outside of your liner, which is pretty awesome for such a rich color.

We understand, there’s just something so compelling about the higher end brands. Sometimes, it can feel like shopping for shoes at Bloomie’s versus Payless. But just as we’ve learned with shoes, paying more money for an item doesn’t mean you’re getting the best thing out there. It’s time to realize that for every $40 foundation “that goes on so smoothly,” there’s a $12 one just like it.

So for all of you Dior, Benefit, and Bobbi Brown junkies, we promise that once you try these makeup dupes, you’ll wonder why you ever paid so much for a single lipstick. Seriously! Just think, you could practically get a year’s worth of supply of these for the same price that you’d pay for the luxe version.

You’d be crazy not to give them a try!

Foundation: Magic Nude Liquid Powder by L’Oreal

loreal magic nude powder

via Ulta

Compare to: Maestro by Giorgio Armani

Price: $12

Blender: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

real techniques miracle complexion sponge

via merrymusing

Compare to: Beauty Blender Ultimate Makeup Sponge

Price: $6

Bronzer: ‘Sunny’ by NYC

NYC sunny bronzer

via Amarixe

Compare to: Hoola Bronzer by Benefit

Price: $3

Blush: ‘Candid Coral’ by e.l.f.

elf candid coral blush

via elf

Compare to: ‘Deep Throat’ by NARS

Price: $3

Eyeliner: Prestige Total Intensity

prestige total intensity eyeliner

via healthandbeautyblog

Compare to: Urban Decay 24/7

Price: $5

Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous

loreal voluminous mascara

via projectalabama

Compare to: DiorShow by Dior

Price: $8

Lipstick: ‘Rose Hip’ by Milani

rose hip milani lipstick

via lifestylemirror

Compare to: ‘Candy Yum Yum’ by MAC

Price: $6

Makeup Remover: Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

neutrogena oil free makeup remover

via Neutrogena

Compare to: Lancome Bi-Facil

Price: $7

Which makeup dupes have you tried?