The modeling industry is starting to change the perception of beauty. The industry has been taking a ton of steps towards acceptance recently. From hiring unique Anti-Models to models with disabilities walking at fashion week, this industry has been seriously changing in amazing ways. And now, we have Madeline Stuart, an 18-year-old from Australia, who is making fashion history.

Madeline Stuart model

Stuart, who has Down syndrome, has a mission to change how we look at beauty and to prove that “Down syndrome is a blessing, something to be celebrated,” she says on her website.

But besides for just being an advocate, this girl is making huge headways in modeling. She’s recently landed  not one, but TWO modeling contracts with American fitness brand Manifesta and the accessories brand everMaya.


“All of us at everMaya feel very strongly about creating a brand that is rooted in a spirit of inclusion and providing opportunities for those who begin life with barriers to success. Our collaboration with Madeline reinforces the work we are doing with Education for the Children providing assistance to disadvantaged youth to overcome challenges and pursue their goals,” said Damian Graybelle, everMaya’s president in a press release.

Madeline herself is an inspiration for breaking down the stereotypical modeling barriers and she’s opening the door for so many other girls to change the face of modeling. For more details, head on over to People StyleWatch.

Which label should Madeline Stuart model for next?

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