Take this trip with us as we prepare ourselves for “Mad Men” season seven.

Freddie is freelancing for Sterling Cooper Draper Price And What Is The Name Of This Agency Again and pitches a revolutionary new ad concept to Peggy. She is blown away, but not half as blown away as I am at the scene in Roger’s bedroom. Oh hi, naked Sterling Cooper post-orgy. How I’ve missed your irreverent antics. And Joan, don’t you look lovely in purple? She’s bringing the Avon files to a stressed out Cosgrove. He needs more underlings in order to look important. So, he cancels whatever meeting he’s supposed to have, as a power move. And he tells Joan to “make it go away.” I… thought Joan was a partner? Or has she been demoted to secretary? Again.

mad man season 7

Don’s shaving on an airplane with an electric shaver, being all sorts of mod and meeting his sexy young wife in an even sexier sports car. It’s not possible for her dress to be any shorter, it just isn’t. They go to dinner with an agenty-type of sleazeball who says, “your girl is something,” and demands French champagne (is there any other kind? No really, is there?) from the waiter with a snap of his fingers. And yes, they are in California.

Joan takes Ken’s meeting with Butler Footwear. He wants to move all of their advertising in house, which means the agency is being fired. Joan at least buys a few days before the decision is final, so maybe she can fix it like she fixes everything.

Oh haha, Pete looks more ridiculous than usual! He’s too tan, he’s dressed like a preppy grad student headed from his yacht to a tennis lesson with a quick stop over at a hippie commune. He meets Don for breakfast, and it’s clear that Don has been out of the loop for quite some time. He flew out there to see his wife, not to get back to work. Don is still on the outs. I cannot stop staring at Pete’s plaid pants. They are insane. They are simultaneously tight and baggy, too high and too short. They’re just so perfectly Pete.

Why is Joan at a university? On a Saturday? To talk about Butler Shoes? She needs to brush up on her marketing speak and get an advertising research study from the business school in order to make a serious impression on Butler. Smart, Joan. Very smart.

mad man season 7

Megan feels nervous “about everything,” so Don tells her, “don’t.” Problem solved!  He has to take the redeye back to New York the next day for work, so I guess it’s good that he’s working? Don meets a lovely lady widow on his flight back and admits that he is a terrible husband. Megan doesn’t exactly know that, but she has an idea, and he is a broken vessel, and the lovely lady widow offers to give him a lift to wherever. But Don has to get back to work, so the tryst never transpires.

Roger meets with his daughter for a fussy breakfast, and he worries that he is being ambushed. Likely for more money. She claims that she just wants to see him, and she forgives him. “I don’t even care that you smell like incense… I simply forgive you.” Ugh, he does look like he reeks of patchouli. With all forgiven, they eat their egg benedicts. When he stumbles back to his latest young lover that evening and whichever man is lying next to her, he just wants sleep.

Joan takes over Ken’s corner office to call the guy from Butler. He had agreed to give her a few days but set the “you’re fired” meeting anyway. Joan explains that taking the account in house is a bad move not just because of the numbers, but because the shoe business is in a steady decline anyhow and a bold move like that will be pinned on whomever made the decision to do it once it does not stop the bleeding. He listens, and how is it that Joan is smarter than everyone else on the planet?

Freddie brings lunch for Don, at his apartment. Don doesn’t actually have a job to go back to. It’s been two months, and nobody has called. Freddie explains that he’s been there, and “you don’t want to be damaged goods.” He encourages Don to make a move.

Peggy is very alone.

Don is very alone.