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L’Wren Scott (49), fashion designer, former model, and Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, shocked the fashion world Monday, March 17, when she was found dead in her New York apartment by her personal assistant. Her apparent suicide came as a surprise however not just to those who did not know her personally but to those who were close to her as well. Mick Jagger has recently spoken out on his shock that his “best friend” could end her life so tragically.

Scott has been described as unlike anyone else on the planet. “She was so tall and so glamorous, so unlike anyone else you’d ever seen,” said Amy Larocca of New York magazine. To have someone say such kind words about you, you must have made a true impact on the world.

It wasn’t only her looks that were on this 6’3” glamazon’s resume. She was first (and foremost), a renowned fashion designer. No, she was not one of those designers who “happened” upon her job because of the spotlight (coincidentally placed on her) due to dating a rock star. L’Wren had been successful for over a decade, with runway looks and shows going head to head with the top dogs of the industry. She was one of them, not a wannabe.

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Her designs imbued a sense of elegance and glamour you could clearly see she cherished and valued in her own dressing. Having been incredibly successful in her collections, her clothes. eyeglasses, handbags, and fragrances have been sold worldwide in top-notch stores and boutiques. Just last year, in fact, she was commissioned by Banana Republic, to put up a more affordable line of her clothing for the broader public. It was a hit, to say the least.What else was a hit? Her Ready-to-Wear collections which virtually always received gleaming reviews for their handiwork and detailing.

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Celebrities have even sought out her help as a stylist as well, and it was rightly so. Who else knew what a leggy beauty (quite like herself) would look marvelous in? Working for and with celeb style icons like Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, and even Michelle Obama. It’s difficult seeing someone so loved, lost so soon.

However, her legacy still lives on, and we hope that such a true talent and visionary will be forever remembered for her work as a fashion designer and not simply as someone’s girlfriend or companion.

How will you remember L’Wren Scott?