Did  you know that it was Miley Cyrus’ 21st birthday on November 23rd? Sure, the Pop songstress seems to be slightly infamous for her twerking and provocative clothing, but we’ve got to admit: she’s got a sense of style. Maybe it isn’t the most appropriate for everyone, but we definitely can be inspired by it. Here we show you one of Miley’s more buttoned-up outfits that she wore while out in Amsterdam and how to make it your own.

Her Way

miley-cyrus-luxe-for-less(photo via dailymail)

Here we see her wearing a Stella McCartney Turtleneck Cropped Knit Sweater (sold out), the Versace Shiny Vinyl Trouser ($660.62), a Kenzo Temple Eyes Jacquard Coat ($1,275.00) and a Chanel Vintage Printed Jersey Bag (sold out). Clearly, while the separate pieces are lust-worthy to anyone, the prices are enough to scare you away. But who says we can’t recreate this look for a fraction of the price?

Our Way

(items via polyvore)

H m sweater
$40 – hm.com

Zara red coat
$239 – zara.com

H&M waxed jeans
$49 – hm.com

Black sequin boots
$57 – shelikes.com


The first step to recreating Miley’s look would be to find a statement piece jacket. It does not necessarily have to be in the same print, but it definitely has to speak for itself. We chose this Zara version for its slim fit and all-over pattern. And, for only $239, it will stand the test of time without breaking the bank.

After finding the right jacket, the next parts of this outfit are fairly simple to find. While Miley can sport a crop because it’s appropriate for her age group, that move isn’t right for everyone. This H&M sweater is a great, modest turtleneck option. Play around with textures by wearing these H&M waxed jeans and you’re good to go. The best part about this? It’s one-stop shopping! No need to run all over the place for these two pieces. It’s even better if you already have these lying around your closet!

Finally, the finishing pieces always consist of the right accessories. Keep it “punk” à la Miley with these cut-out boots, but juxtapose it with a structured Cambridge bag. The Cambridge bag is so versatile that you will be able to use it for work and play. Once you’ve polished off the look with these two pieces, your outfit will be complete. You’ll have high-end celebrity style that is realistic for the everyday gal.


Are you inspired by Miley Cyrus’ looks?

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