As the cold, winter months pass us slowly by, sometimes we get lazier and lazier with our outfits. Sometimes, we declare first thing in the morning: “Well, this is as good as it’s gonna get!” as we shrug down at our leggings and baggy sweaters. We are here to get you out of that rut even though we have all been there.

carolina herrera

Today is Carolina Herrera’s birthday. The FIT grad and fashion visionary does nothing but exude elegance, not only through herself but her designs and runway creations. Our favorite FW 2013 look was this colorful combo that hints slightly at Pantone’s new Radiant Orchid color, so naturally we had to fashion it into a Luxe For Less. Consisting of colorful furs and printed pants, it is the perfect inspiration to rev up our own looks.

carolina herrera l4lvia stabasi

We opted for this French Connection jacket with a faux fur trim. It is much more exciting than the average black peacoat, which has been used and overused since the beginning of November. The perfect compliment would be this warm Uniqlo sweater. We, of course, keep functionality in mind when creating outfits. What is the good in being fashionable if you’re not comfortable (read: warm) in your own skin?

In addition, we opted for some floral pants to complete the look. Pair with these pointy Guess pumps and you have the perfect after-work drinks outfit. Plus, who could miss you in this bright ensemble?

Uniqlo sweater
$60 –

French Connection faux fur coat
$255 –

Nicholas flower print jeans
$125 –

GUESS black pumps
$110 –