We’ve all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.”

But what about “you wear what you eat?” Not so familiar, huh? Well, Australian jewelry and accessories designer, Lucy Folk, would beg to differ. The Aussie designer has created quite the buzz by designing jewelry pieces inspired by…food. But these pieces aren’t your candy bracelets of Halloweens past – featuring whimsical tortilla-chip-esque rings and quirky fruit bracelets, Folk’s jewelry gives a gentle nod to it’s edible inspiration without crossing the “tacky” line.

lucy folk appeteaser bracelets
Bracelets from Folk’s “Appeteaser” collection – featuring anchovies, tacos, and citrus fruit slices

Even more unexpected than the jewelry line itself is Folk’s unforgettable film advertisement for the food-inspired pieces called, “Appeteaser.” Directed by Sophie Edelstein,  the bizarre ad packs quite the shock value – where bling meets food, unitards, a plethora of gorgeous girls, and not-so-subtle sexual innuendos.

Folk seems to have the marketing thing down, because since launching in 2007, the designer has sold her line to retailers such as Nordstrom, Collette in Paris, and Matches and Harvey Nichols in the United Kingdom. Folk commented on her attention-grabbing advertising in an interview with Fashionista, saying, “As I live in Australia, it is hard to promote my brand internationally without a junket. Therefore a video was the perfect means to spread the Appeteaser love and make something that people will remember…I think its really important to take risks and make sure your branded content is worth remembering.”

To that, we say congrats, girl. Because of the many words that could describe this kooky ad, we think it is fair to say that forgettable” is not one of them. Think the food theme is a one-time bait into buying? Think again – Folk says, “I live and breathe it! It will not always be so literal, but my passion will always be food.” Make sure to check out “Appeteaser” below, and to shop her baubles, head over to Folk’s website!

images via lucyfolk.com

What do you think of Lucy Folk’s food-inspired jewelry?

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