As we continue to watch ‘Lindsay’ and catch up on her post-rehab life, we’ve come to realize that she’s still human. Despite all the drugs, sex, reckless behavior, and whatever else Lindsay Lohan managed to pull over the last few years, she is still human. And dare we say, normal?

It’s safe to say that Lohan’s life is looking up. In addition to her reality show on OWN, she just recently had a photo shoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson. We know, we know…what you’re thinking. We mean, just look at both of his shoots with Miley Cyrus. Thankfully, Lohan’s is nothing like that. Seriously. For one, she has kept all of her clothes on. And as far as we know, there weren’t any Arizona cans or any other ‘props’ involved. Just Lindsay and her good looks, which, thankfully, she still managed to hold onto through all of her struggles.

We actually think this photo shoot with Terry Richardson is pretty awesome. All shots are done in black and white — some are quirky poses with Richardson’s glasses or wearing a hooded fur coat and others are more seductive, like the ones where she’s wearing a trench coat with what appears to be nothing underneath. There are even a few shots where Lindsay looks like a total badass (yet, still gorgeous) sitting on the ground smoking a cigarette and wearing shirt bearing the words “Parental Advisory.” Could it be the same top that Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian own?! Which, by the way, is a $1,000 Alexander McQueen piece. Casual.

After looking through these pictures, we see a gleam of hope for not only Lindsay, but for the rest of our childhood favorites who have also made some questionable decisions, like Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus. Wait, can we take a moment and praise Hilary Duff for just being an all-around awesome person?! We feel like a proud parent when I say that we’ve never had to seriously worry about her. We really believe in that girl. And kinda Lindsay Lohan, too, now that she’s on the road to recovery and is still looking as stunning as ever. Head over to Richardson’s site for more photos  

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan’s photo shoot with Terry Richardson?

Photographed by Terry Richardson