In case you missed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, let us give you a little recap. About a dozen gorgeous Angels walked the runway looking fierce and fabulous. Every model was glowing with gorgeous skin and an amazing bod. There was one lady in particular however, who really stood out: Lily Aldridge.

The 29-year-old model has always been one of our favorite Victoria’s Secret Angels, because she’s so dedicated to living a healthy and happy life. So naturally, we were thrilled when revealed just how she gets ready for big events like the Fashion Show. We learned first and foremost, it’s about starting the day right. Aldridge wakes up early and makes herself a blueberry smoothie before heading out for either boxing, yoga or spinning class. She also incorporates sculpting workouts thanks to classes at Ballet Beautiful and long runs in New York City.

Of course, it’s not just about working out. Aldridge treats her body like a temple, and puts only nutritious, high-energy foods in her system, such as BluePrint Juices, Paleta nuts and tons of veggies and fish (this is probably how she has such amazing hair).  The stunning brunette practices this routine six days a week, and gives herself a big ol’ rest on Sundays. “You need a down day for your muscles to relax,” says Aldridge. “It’s my favorite day of the week!”

While we don’t think we’ll be able to stick to Aldridge’s regiment ourselves, there are a few takeaways we can incorporate into our daily lives. For starters, mixing up workouts during the week is a great away to make sure you target all of your muscles, plus it keeps things interesting. We’re also going to start eating more fish… and Paleta nuts.

Watch the video below to see Aldridge in all her glory, and be sure to head over to for more!

What do you think of Lily Aldridge’s workout routine?

Michelle Manetti is a graduate of Pace University and has a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration of Media Studies. She met Marc Jacobs in an elevator once. She also believes that yoga, Liquiteria and a Hunter Thompson book could save the world.