When we found out Lilly Pulitzer would be releasing a line for Target, we got pretty excited. And apparently, so did the rest of the world! Sunday was the first day the collection was available for sale in stores and online. Target had no problem selling the line: In a matter of hours, the website crashed and in stores, the shelves were bare.

Some lucky shoppers were able to snag some items, but most people weren’t as fortunate, and when they went to stores excited to pick up a new signature floral/pastel Lilly item, they were greeted with this sad sight:

The 250-piece collection, which had exclusive prints and patterns, was available for shoppers at a much more attractive price than normal Lilly items, which explains the madness that ensued on Sunday morning. Shoppers started waiting in line at 5 am, and the lines looked a little something like this:

Target had to deal with TONS of angry customers on its Twitter account on Sunday, and stated that “The #LillyforTarget collection is available for a limited-time. We do not anticipate more items becoming available.” And now, to make the situation even crazier, people are attempting to sell some Lilly Pulitzer for Target items for INSANE prices on eBay. Want these cute Lilly lounge chairs? They can be yours for just $500! Seems reasonable, right? lilly pulitzer How about some Lilly beach towels? Just $200! lilly pulitzer Obviously, people are upset about this situation as well. And it makes you wonder whether some not-so-nice shoppers bought the #LillyForTarget goodies just to sell them on eBay for grossly inflated prices. Ah, humanity! All in all, the #LillyForTarget experience seems to have upset people on multiple different levels. The website crash and empty shelves were a tough first blow, but this eBay catastrophe has others up in arms:

Another user even referred to the situation as #LillyGate. If you want to tease yourself, you can check out the collection on Target’s website, but WARNING: pretty much everything is completely sold out. We’re sorry. I guess now, we just have to sit back and continue to watch the madness unfold on social media!

Were you able to snag something from Lilly Pulitzer for Target?

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