With fall creeping up on us, its time to put our sun dresses away and break out our cozy sweaters and knee boots. Each season infuses new must haves to add to our closet and this fall is no different. A fun and simple accessory that won’t break the bank are leg warmers. Originally inspired in the 80s for their bright patterns and neon colors, they have become a functional and fashionable way to stay warm through the icy temperatures. They come in different styles and materials which vary from cotton to wool for those extra cold nights.

In our Etsy Wednesday fashion edition, we listed six of our favorite leg warmer looks for this upcoming season. So, instead of purchasing pricey boots each winter, accessorize them with leg warmers that are just under $100.

1. Grey Cable Knit| KnittingsWithSense $24.00

leg warmers 1

These are just classic, and definitely will be a staple in your fall wardrobe.

2. Knitted Snowflake Socks | TangRenTang $6.79

new lw 3It definitely doesn’t need to be snowing to where this pretty pattern!

3. Leather Trim Full Strap Lilac Leg Warmers | ThreeBirdNest $68.00

legwamers 4


The detailing on these is amazing. The leather is the perfect fall accent.

5. Brown Cotton Snow Deer Printed Socks | TangRenTang $5.99

legwarmers 6


We’re definitely getting an outdoorsy vibe from these cute leg warmers.

6.  Boot Sock Button Leg Warmers| TTAccessories, $19.99

lace leg warmers

The lace accent is just what you need to wear these with a dressier outfit.


6.  Bootcut Leg Warmers In Orange | KarinChristina, $14.00

orange leg warmer

Can you imagine a better color than this for the season?

Which pair of leg warmers is your favorite?

My name is Juliet Giambona and am currently enrolled in my senior year at LIM College for Fashion Merchandising. I am very interested to further my knowledge in public relations in the fashion industry.