Lauren Conrad is a big deal in the fashion world. Between her own clothing line and her lifestyle site, everyone kind of looks to her for style advice and tips — well almost everyone.

Conrad took to Twitter last week to call out Allure magazine for calling her… a basic b*tch. Well, let’s say the magazine didn’t flat out use the “b*tch” part, but they definitely referred to her as basic. In the article “Beauty & the Beat,” the magazine defines what basic means: “Made famous by Kreayshawn, and viral by YouTube, the Basic woman is remarkably unremarkable. What’s noteworthy about her style is its very plainness. Except to her. She swears those red soled shoes are cutting-edge. Hairstyle: Blowout or sausage curls. Jeans: Skinnies. Smells Like: Vanilla-cupcake body milk. Nails: Essie Ballet Slippers.” The glossy then used a photo of Conrad to demonstrate what they meant… ouch.

Conrad’s response? Sas-sas-sassy!

We can’t blame the girl for being a little upset about it, especially since they referred to her hairstyle as SAUSAGE curls. But, good on Lauren Conrad for standing up for herself. Of course, it’s worth noting that Allure probably didn’t mean to called her a basic bitch, especially since Conrad has been on the cover of the magazine before. She’s also has shared her beauty secrets with the team at Allure. And if we’re being honest, Conrad’s style is a bit simple — she doesn’t dress bohemian like Vanessa Hudgens or in high-fashion like Leandra Medine, but that’s not a bad thing! We love our skinnies and vanilla-scented body wash, yo. But those sausage curls… ugh.

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What do you think of Lauren Conrad calling out Allure?