Makeup artists always amaze us. The way they can transform themselves and others with just some lipstick and eyeliner is incredible. And although they are not artist in the traditional sense, they definitely have the ability to create works of art. Case in point? Laura Jenkinson, the beauty blogger and makeup artist who turns her lips into cartoon characters.

Yep, you read that correctly. Jenkinson is rising to fame thanks to her clever and innovative technique of turning the lower part of her face into Shrek, Goofy, The Powerpuff Girls and Cookie Monster. She posts these photos on her Facebook and Instagram (which has over 50,000 followers). Not only are these super cute (and super well done!) but Jenkinson is showing the world how diverse and fun makeup can be, and that when it comes to these beauty product, a little imagination goes a long way. So where did she get her inspiration? “I’d seen loads of other fantastic make-up artists on Instagram and I wanted to do something similar and on a bigger scale so I started doing about one a week,” she told the Daily Mail. “‘People always say it makes them really happy and it’s nice to bring a bit of joy.”

Jenkinson typically uses theater makeup to complete her looks, and occasionally will use lipstick if needed. But by looking at her social media accounts and blogs, it’s clear to see that she’s got talent that goes beyond Popeye the Sailor Man. She also does incredible eye makeup and some stuff that looks like it belongs in a horror movie — all impressive nonetheless.

Scroll through some of our favorites below, and be sure to check out Laura Jenkinson’s Instagram and blog!

Which of Laura Jenkinson’s looks is your favorite?